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Alodie Bull & Gate
Bull & Gate
Online TV
see Scintilla in full blurry pixilated glory. 3 songs from our gig at the Bull & Gate, June 1st 2000: End of the Affair, Wilderness, and Silver Suit.
Scintilla eyes negative

Scintilla's Evil Twin Page

demonic doppelganger

Tasty Ones The God-like Tasty Ones:
pictures, soundfiles, and all tasty things
Alanis Morrisette Lyric Generator:
write your own indie-rock miserablist anthems just like Alanis
Louise Brooks

Silent Ladies and Gents

Scintillating pictures, true glamour

Dada engine
The Postmodernism Generator -
Random Art Bollocks
The Last Cigar


Formaldehyde-free zone... a new art movement

For their rock is not as our Rock,. . . Deuteronomy 32:31 Premature Death of Rock Stars...
Let this be a warning to you all
Chinchilla Chinchilla (Below the Surface)
Music Zine


Jesusify your web page

or see what it did to our lyrics page or our info page

Dialectizer The Dialectizer: talk stoopid
the end
The Last Page...

When you've finally had enough

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