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A webzine calling itself Lo Fi Pop Underground saw fit to interview us.

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A rough mix of "Kill David Hasselhoff" is now available on the soundfiles page.

CDs will be available soon...

We should also have some more soundfiles up soon...
meanwhile you can find mP3s (taken from the Confessions EP) on the following sites: ( look in the alternative section )



web news:

There is now an unofficial Scintilla site, Scintilla's Evil Twin Page.

Packed with fascinating factoids and sober, rational reflections on the wonders of Scintilla.

scintilla negative

You can now see archive video of Scintilla's recent gig at the Bull & Gate, in glorious Crap-O-Vision, at Online TV, using Windows Media Player. (Free download, Mac version available). The featured songs are: End of the Affair, Wilderness, and Silver Suit.


Steve Lamacq played the Confessions EP on his 'Session Unsigned' Thursday night slot recently, on Radio One. What's more, we got a blurb on the BBC Radio One website...


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